Multirobotics Course Research Presentations

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The idea for this portion of the course is for each person to conduct independent literature research in multi robot systems. We'll use the following process:

  • We will survey all members of the class to discover their backgrounds and interests.
  • The instructor will assign individual students to teams.
  • Teams will bid for topics, and topics will be assigned.
  • Each team will give two presentations.


  • Ant navigation
  • Ant task assignment
  • Honeybee communication
  • Flocking, herding, swarming
  • Predator / prey
  • Collective sorting and clustering
  • Collective construction
  • Robot formation control
  • Coordinated control for sensing
  • Optimal task allocation
  • Task allocation and coordination in noisy environments
  • High performance team path planning (RRTs)
  • Self assembly in modular robotics
  • Multirobot team learning
  • Robot soccer
  • Opponent modeling
  • Behavior-based multi robot systems
  • Planning-based multi robot systems
  • Communication in multi robot systems
  • Stigmergy
  • Other topic that you suggest

Where to Find Papers

Here are lists of papers developed by other researchers that are a good source of material for your presentations:

  • A list developed by Radhika Nagpal at Harvard: [[1]]
  • A list developed by Maja Mataric at USC: [[2]]
  • A list developed by Dylan Shell at Texas A&M: [[3]]