Installing PyBioSim

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System Requirements

Make sure your system meets these requirements:

  • Operating system: Anything that runs Python 2.7(Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • RAM: 2GB.
  • Disk space: 2GB


Downloading the simulator

Step 1: Link to the GitHub repository.

Step 2: Clone the repo to your desktop or just click "Download Zip" on the github page.

Step 3: Place the extracted files into a suitable folder, set the current working directory of your command prompt/terminal to this folder, and execute the following command.


This should writing out the images into the /images folder.

Step 4: Simulator Setup is done!

Compiling the image sequence into a video

Step 1: Download and install FFMPEG for your platform, on your command prompt run.


Step 2: If you get "Command not found", add the /bin folder inside ffmpeg directory to your PATH.

Step 3: Set the current directory of your command prompt to the /images folder.Execute the command

 >ffmpeg -framerate 30 -i "1%08d.png" -r 30 outPut.mp4
                    ^                    ^
                Framerate matched with simulator 

The number after -r denotes the framerate of the video, its set to 30 in the above example. Set it to be the same as your simulator's fps.